The Nadi Yogis are Ben Heath and Hilly Flora. This is a journal of their escapades, intentions, discoveries and awarenesses as they actively work toward living an authentic life through the practice of yoga.

Digital Detox

Posted on 03 Jul 2015 in Asana, Meditation, Practice, Reflection, Yoga

Life Changing Experience!


Consider joining me for an amazing multi-day and night yoga and kayaking experience.

As amazing as technology is at connecting us it is equally as good at disconnecting us. Disconnecting us, not from each other, but from ourselves. All the technology will be left behind as we venture into the unknown territory that is the San Juan Islands and internal world that is our true self. We will do daily all levels yoga to open up the body from the work we do in the kayaks and meditation to open our minds to the possibilities that nature has to offer and end up more connected with ourselves.

The truth is that we are constantly bombarded and overstimulated at every turn. We as a culture are beginning to loose touch with what it truly means to be connect the living, breathing, life force that is within us and that surrounds us. Even when we do manage to step into nature we typically have our cell phone or camera with us to capture “The Moment”. What if capturing that moment is what actually causes us to loose that moment forever? What if, being completely present with what is in front of us, and within us, is what truly changes us.

Are you ready to find out what it’s like to be completely disconnected from technology for 3 whole days? If the prospect of a Digital Detox scares you… this retreat is for you.

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