The Nadi Yogis are Ben Heath and Hilly Flora. This is a journal of their escapades, intentions, discoveries and awarenesses as they actively work toward living an authentic life through the practice of yoga.


Digital Detox

Posted on 03 Jul 2015 in Asana, Meditation, Practice, Reflection, Yoga

Life Changing Experience! Consider joining me for an amazing multi-day and night yoga and kayaking experience. As amazing as technology is at connecting us it is equally as good at disconnecting us. Disconnecting us, not from each other, but from ourselves. All the technology will be left behind as we venture into the unknown territory [...]

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Best Tofu Ever

Posted on 26 Aug 2013 in Recipes, Uncategorized

The Best Tofu in the World! Okiedokie, so here is a recipe for the BEST tofu in the world, yes that is quite the boast, but honestly this is the tofu you have been wanting to make; its crispy without being burned or fried, it goes perfectly with noodles, rice, quinoa and brussel sprouts (pictured) [...]

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Rice Crispy Treats Made With Love. . . Not Bones and Cartilage

Posted on 09 Jul 2013 in Quick, Recipes, Uncategorized

Vegan Crispy Rice Treats I have had quite the sweet tooth recently and I’m not really alarmed, nor do I feel any real need to remedy the situation. So here is a super quick and easy vegan cereal treat; instead of being made from GMO corn/rice product and the connective tissue excretions of our animal [...]

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Save All The Little Chickens Chicpea Salad Sandwich

Posted on 20 Jun 2013 in Uncategorized

Oh my gosh! It’s been so long since I have put a recipe up on here. I feel kind of silly making my return with a humble sandwich recipe, but if I have learned anything from the whirlwind of happenings in my life it is that simplicity is queen, especially in the Summer, in Austin. [...]

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Super Easy Vegan Burrito/Taco Filling

Posted on 03 Dec 2012 in Quick, Recipes

This filling is so a brilliant addition to your lunch or dinner rotation. It’s inexpensive, packs a good 30 to 50 percent of your daily protein needs depending on your view of that part of nutrition and it has kale, which is my personal favorite veggie of all time. Enjoy and let me know how [...]

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Seeds of Change

Posted on 24 Sep 2012 in Asana, Practice, Reflection, Yoga

Join Hilly and Myself, Saturday, October 6th from 3-5pm at Wanderlust Live,  for an amazing 2 hours of Hip Openers to clear out the old and Heart Openers to make space for the new. The changing of the seasons is a great time to reset your mind, body and practice. The hot summers here in [...]

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