The Nadi Yogis are Ben Heath and Hilly Flora. This is a journal of their escapades, intentions, discoveries and awarenesses as they actively work toward living an authentic life through the practice of yoga.

Adjusting & Assisting for Yoga Asana: Practice Session

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NEW SERIES! This 4 hour “Practice Session” available only to those that have completed an Adjusting & Assisting Yoga Training with Ben & Hilly in the past.

Ben & Hilly conduct 200 hour teacher trainings in Austin and are known for their intelligent and intuitive adjustments and assists of yoga practitioners. Both practicing bodyworkers/manual therapists, they bring their in depth understanding of anatomy and injury prevention to aid in the most optimal alignment based adjustment for each individual practitioner.

Come benefit from their years of experience in manual therapies and instructing yoga.

This 4 hour “Practice Session” is for those that have completed one of Ben & Hilly’s Adjusting & Assisting Trainings as a refresher, to generate feedback, get advice or suggestions and learn new techniques.

Some topics covered:Adjustments4hour

  • Anatomical Overview for Safe Adjusting & Assists
  • Vector and Directional Movement of Physical Tissue
  • Energetic Anatomy and Intention
  • Body Alignment Reading & Analysis
  • Maintaining Proper Posture During Adjustments
  • Finding Intentional and Calming Touch
  • Practice and Observe Actual Hands-On Adjustments/Assists
  • Many more concepts to be discussed.

Cost: $50

When: Throughout the year.