The Nadi Yogis are Ben Heath and Hilly Flora. This is a journal of their escapades, intentions, discoveries and awarenesses as they actively work toward living an authentic life through the practice of yoga.


IMG_0505Yoga, as many of you know, is not simply about a physical practice but can instead reveal aspects and awarenesses about ones self and the world we live in.

We work toward living a conscious life that is considerate of all beings in the world while striving to function in an ever more complicated world.

How does what we do affect other beings that inhabit this planet?

What does it mean to be conscious in today’s world?

How do we alleviate our own suffering and the suffering of others?

Follow along as we strive to decipher the eight fold path of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and how to apply the principles of this 5000+ year old text to a modern day life.

Guaranteed, at times, to be fun, exciting, sad, enlightening, excruciating, intense, boring, inspiring, hilarious, disgusting, foolish, but above all, truthful.

Austin Yoga Schedule: Ben’s is back to a full schedule and Hilly is back to a partial schedule. See below.

This is the best place to keep up to date with Ben & Hilly’s public class schedule. In addition to teaching public classes, Ben & Hilly also head up various training programs which run throughout the year.

Public Classes: Check studio sites for descriptions

ben_yogaBen’s Schedule:

Wanderlust Yoga Austin | Sundays 4pm to 5:30pm | Intermediate Practice With Ben

Up Collective: | Mondays 6:30pm to 8pm | East Austin | Maha Yoga: Strong practice with Yin Yoga at the end. Fill with adjustments/assists by Ben & Hilly

Castle Hill Yoga Austin | Tuesdays 6:15pm to 7:30pm | Vinyasa Yoga With Ben

Wanderlust Yoga Austin | Thursdays 12pm to 1pm | Vinyasa Yoga With Ben

Castle Hill Yoga Austin | Fridays 12pm to 1pm | Vinyasa Yoga With Ben

We’re continually adding new classes so please check back regularly.

hilly_yogaHilly’s Schedule

Wanderlust Yoga Austin | Fridays 9:30am to 10:30am | Vinyasa Yoga With Hilly

Wanderlust Yoga Austin | Saturdays 9am to 10am | Vinyasa Yoga With Hilly

Wanderlust Yoga Austin | Saturdays 10:15am to 11:30am | Power Yoga With Hilly

Wanderlust Yoga Austin | Sundays 10am to 11am | Vinyasa Yoga With Hilly

Up Collective: | Mondays 6:30pm to 8pm | East Austin | Maha Yoga: Strong practice with Yin Yoga at the end. Fill with adjustments/assists by Ben & Hilly

We’re continually adding new classes so please check back regularly.


Ben and Hilly also specializes in Deep Tissue/Corrective massage with a focus on creating space and developing openness for the yoga practitioner and healing from activity based injuries. View information about their massage or book an appointment.

Ben and/or Hilly Private instruction

It can be difficult to get all the attention you may need in a public class. We offer private yoga instruction as a way to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga. The intention is for you to take what you learn and implement it into your regular yoga routine or public classes.

Private yoga instruction is a great way to deepen ones understanding of the intricacies of a yoga posture, pranayama or meditation technique.

Specific Asana Instruction: This session would include a warm up and opening the body to work on a particular posture. For instance if you need specific instruction for working on headstand, handstand, pigeon or king pigeon etc.

General Flow Yoga Session: Essentially a private class with individualized adjustments to assist you in deepening your practice. A great way to push yourself and develop new awareness’s to take with you into public classes.

Therapeutic Yoga Session: Identifying pain patterns and creating a specific program that will work toward alleviating tension or recovering from specific injuries.

Yoga Fertility for Woman: A fine tuned yoga practice designed to clear energetic and physical obstructions to assist in an optimal pregnancy. Provided by Hilly only.

Yoga Session and Bodywork: Partial yoga session to open the body and bring awareness to the body and then bodywork to appropriately release the areas blocking you from deepening your yoga practice. For example, if you’re having a hard time accessing pigeon properly on one side there may be bodywork techniques that can help you achieve balance in the posture. Please see the bodywork section for rates.

Meditation Instruction: The session would start with a customize a yoga asana session to help you open your body for sitting in meditation and would move into meditation instruction. This would include proper sitting form, guided meditation and techniques. By the end you will have a yoga body opening sequence and meditation techniques to take with you and practice at home.

Wedding Day Yoga: Ben and/or Hilly will come to your location for a pre-wedding yoga session. It can be specialized for the bride or groom together, their respective groomsmen/bridesmaids, the entire wedding party or a pre-rehersal dinner yoga session. You get the idea, whatever helps contribute to setting the stage for an amazing day. This could be the perfect wedding gift for your loved one as well. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are also a great idea! Please contact us for rates based on your specific needs.

Special Occasion Yoga: Essentially the same as Wedding Day Yoga except that you can make any occasion a special yoga event.

Private Session for Yoga Teachers: The session will be catered to your direct needs. We can discuss sequencing, specific postures for opening regions of the body, hands on adjustments, yogic philosophy, yogic diet or anything else you need. Sometimes a yoga teachers just needs to be adjusted during their practice by experienced hands and we can serve you in that way as well. Special yoga teacher discount rates apply. Please contact us for details.


1 Hour: $95.00 1.5 Hours: $105.00 2 Hours: $120.00

Package Pricing: (May be used for 60 or 90 minute sessions)

6 Hours: $375.00 |12 Hours: = $700.00

Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check and Credit Cards.

Trades: We are open to trade opportunities and have a few appointments each month that are able to do that for. Please feel free to email us about possible trades.

Sliding Scale: We also offer a few sliding scale appointments per month based on individual needs and financial status. Please email us about your specific situation and to check for the next available sliding scale appointment.

Yoga Teacher Rates: We know first hand how much energy can be expended being a yoga teacher. For that reason we offer special discounts to help support our fellow teachers. Please contact us for rates.

Contact: Email Ben or email Hilly with questions or to check for availability.


In addition to providing Yoga Trainings, Public and Private Yoga classes, Ben and Hilly are also licensed body workers in the state of Texas. Their belief in the healing powers of body work and yoga combined is what leads them to offering these services.

We have a private, full time bodywork/massage and private yoga office at Soma Vida which is centrally located near Downtown Austin: 1210 Rosewood Ave. Austin, Texas, 78702

You will find that both Ben and Hilly are very intuitive and gifted at listening to the body to figure out what particular modality will best serve to release the tensions in each particular part of the body. Some combination of the different techniques will usually be utilized to find the most optimal relief from pain and tension.

We do a lot of work on practitioners of yoga as a means of helping them deepen their practice, deal with yoga injuries, or long time injuries that have surfaced because of a heightened mind/body awareness from the practice. We also work with a lot of athletes/individuals that have a hard time finding lasting results from massage and bodywork to great success.

Most everyone has a list of injuries, both big and small, that have accumulated over a lifetime of being human. Our goal is to work closely with our clients to create a long lasting, sustainable way of living a healthy, happy life well into the later stages of adulthood.

To give you an idea of the techniques that will be used please see below:


We have a wide array of rates available based on particular individual needs and do our best to make our yoga and bodywork available to as many people as possible.

Standard Rate: $95.00 for 1 Hour | $105.00 for 1.5 Hours $120.00 2 Hours

Package Pricing: (May be used for 60 or 90 minute appointments)

6 Hours: = $375.00

12 Hours: = $700.00

Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check and Credit Cards.

Purchase Gift Cards: (For yourself or someone else) 1 Hour | 1.5 Hours | 2 Hours | 6 Hours | 12 Hours | Custom Amount

Trades: We are open to trade opportunities and have a few appointments each month that we are able to do that for. Please feel free to email us about possible trades.

Sliding Scale: We also offer a few sliding scale appointments per month based on individual needs and financial status. Please email us about your specific situation and to check for the next available sliding scale appointment.

Contact: Email Ben or email Hilly with questions or to check for availability.


In addition to teaching public and private yoga classes Ben & Hilly also lead yoga trainings for people that are interested in deepening their practice and/or becoming teachers.

Austin Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training: At Castle Hill Yoga in Downtown Austin

Having created the first incarnation of this Teacher Training in 2009, and helped guide 150+ people deeper into their practice, Ben & Hilly continue to improve this training each and every time. The next 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program Teacher Training in Austin starts January 2015. Click here to place your deposit and reserve your spot!

Click to watch: 200 hour Teacher Training in Austin with Ben and Hilly from Nadi Yogi.

This 6 Week Program will be meeting every Friday night from 7 to 9pm, every Saturday from 1pm to 8pm, two Sundays from 1pm to 4pm. The culmination of this training will be a 4 day intensive in a retreat setting near Austin. All meals and lodging for the retreat will be included in the price of training.

Pricing: $2,500 for the full program including the 4 day retreat at the end. Early Bird Pricing: $2,300 if tuition is paid 10 days prior to the start of training. A $300 deposit will guarantee your spot on a first come first served basis. Space is limited. This price will include all required reading material and the Nadi Yogi Teacher Training Manual. Limited number of payment plans available. Inquire about options. Reserve your spot here!

"The"Studio exterior with plenty of parking

“The”Studio: Exterior view with dedicated Castle Hill parking all around you won’t have any trouble with parking.

The bulk of training will take place at Castle Hill Yoga in Downtown Austin, TX. At Castle Hill Yoga we will have full access to a wide array of yoga props that include yoga chairs, bolsters, blocks, straps and we will even cover basics of using a Yoga Wall which is an amazing way to deepen your practice.

The Castle Hill Yoga studios are like an oasis in the middle of Austin. Castle Hill has some of the most amazing teachers in Austin and you will find beautiful studios with cork floors, natural lighting, endless props, showers, water stations and a Health Food Cafe attached.

Lotus Shala with Yoga Wall and Skylight

Lotus Room: Here you will find the Yoga Wall, natural light from the above skylight, cork floors, high ceilings in a comfortable atmosphere.


The staff and teachers you will encounter at Castle Hill are some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet and you will instantly feel right at home.

The whole environment is very conducive to the experience of a 200 hour teacher training. This, combined with the 4 day retreat intensive, will undoubtedly be an experience of a lifetime.



The 4 Day Intensive: Part of 200 Hour Training

Art House Stairs at Jacob's Well

The Art House stairs leading up to the Yoga Shala. It is simply an experience being on this magical piece of land and the space will provide the perfect conclusion to an amazing, life changing training.

Austin Yoga Shala at Jacob's Well

The Yoga Shala itself sits above the Art House which creates a sense of seclusion and elevation. Inside the Yoga Shala you will find vaulted, oval ceilings that gives the feel of openness and light.

Jacob's Well Sleeping Area Arthouse

There are multiple sleeping areas for recharging after a hard days work. If you end up needing more privacy there are over 15 acres to explore or find a quite space. You are also welcome to bring a tent if you prefer to have your own space.

The 4 Day Retreat will take place on March 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th at a private retreat center at Jacob’s Well. The retreat center is a private facility set on 15 acres in the Hill Country near Dripping Springs, TX. These 4 days will be filled with intense work and opportunities for rest, exploring, reading and swimming in Jacob’s Well natural spring. The retreat center itself is only a few hundred yards from Jacob’s Well in case you need a dip during the breaks. The main structure is a Earthen Art House that contains sleeping quarters, a large kitchen, relaxing rooms, an outdoor bathtub, fire pit, plenty of outdoor relaxing area.

Just above the Art House is the Yoga Shala that we’ll be practicing, holding workshops and lectures in. You will find this space to be very comfortable and conducive to the transformational process of a 200 hour teacher training.


There is definitely a majestic quality to the area that you will find inspiring and refreshing. You can swim or relax and the sunshine.

Beds inside the West House which has a private, screened in porch area for relaxing without the bugs.

Beds inside the West House which has a private, screened in porch area for relaxing without the bugs.

This training is for those who want to immensely deepen their practice and become certified to teach yoga nationwide. This training is the product of over 16 years of study, practice, travel and over 9 years publicly teaching yoga and thousands of hours of yoga training with teachers around the world.

Not everybody that takes our teacher training program wants to teach but those that want to have everything they need once completing our program. People that have graduated from our yoga training program are currently teaching all over the world. Locally, we have graduates teaching at Wanderlust Yoga Austin, Bfree Yoga Austin, Black Swan Yoga in Austin, Community Yoga Austin, UT, State and gyms and studios all over town. In addition to local teachers, we’ve trained people that are teaching from the East Coast to the West Coast and internationally as well.

We are so excited to bring our in-depth knowledge (over 1000 certified/documented hours) of physical anatomy training and our ceaseless desire to help others understand and utilize the practice of yoga to our amazing group of trainees.

Because yoga is not only a physical practice we are equally looking forward to the philosophical discussions that our in-depth readings bring about. There is really so much transformation that happens in the 6 weeks of training that we cannot hope to make a complete list of what you will learn, but below is a short list of some of what you can hope to understand through Nadi Yogi Teacher Training.


A brief sampling of what the Nadi Yogi Teacher Training looks like.

The Nadi Yogi 200 Hour Teacher Training is an RYT Certified course should you decide to register with Yoga Alliance. Teachers we have trained are teaching all over Austin, the United States and Internationally. Place your deposit here or email Hilly (at) for more information.


Austin Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training from Nadi Yogi.

Please email us with questions about upcoming trainings. Keep visiting this page or find us on Facebook to view any additional trainings that Ben & Hilly will be offering.

Anatomy and the Chakras Training: Spring of 2014

chakra-trainingEnrich your experience as a student and become a more effective, grounded and balanced teacher. As a person that has chosen the path of yoga you are in a unique position to invest constantly in yourself and your education while positively impacting others in your life with the knowledge and experience you gain.

This training has be specifically designed for students and teachers with a developed foundation in yoga asana that are ready to take their practice, knowledge of anatomy and experience of the energetic body to a higher level.

In this training we will cover:

As a student/teacher you can expect to gain new insights into mental and physical habits that do not support your growth as a person or serve you in your development and how to release from those addictions. You will learn about the 7 main chakras in the body, specific asana to access and heal the chakras, gross and subtle anatomy that contributes to excess or deficient qualities in your energy centers and how to self-heal from wounds of the past and present.

The physical and mental practice will be challenging and geared toward those with an already established asana practice. We will talk about alignment, anatomy and energetic awareness of both familiar and more advanced variations of postures. Be ready to build internal fire and release purifying sweat. The practices will not be heated but we suggest you bring a towel.

The cost of tuition includes The Nadi Yogi Anatomy and The Chakras Training Manual, required reading materials, 30 hours of training and a certificate of completion.

We are registered with Yoga Alliance. If you are a teacher this program will fulfill all of your required continuing education hours for the year.

The next session is tentatively scheduled for some time in Spring, 2014. Please email us or join our email list if you would like to be notified when the next Anatomy and the Chakras Training is scheduled.

Adjusting & Assisting for Yoga Asana: Spring of 2014 or sooner. Sign up for email notification here.


Ben & Hilly conduct 200 hour teacher trainings in Austin and are known for their intelligent and intuitive adjustments and assists of yoga practitioners. Both practicing bodyworkers/manual therapists, they bring their in depth understanding of anatomy and injury prevention to aid in the most optimal alignment based adjustment for each individual practitioner.

Come benefit from their years of experience in manual therapies and instructing yoga.

This 5 hour workshop is geared toward yoga teachers or those that have completed a teacher training but have not started teaching yet but are looking to deepen their understanding of appropriate, helpful, safe adjustments and assists.

Some topics covered:

Date & Time: Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 from 1pm to 6pm
Location: Sanctuary Yoga at Amala
Yoga Alliance Certified: CEU Qualified
Price: $99.00


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